Peter Moor Architekten ETH SIA

Think- and Workshop


Our clients won’t hear Archimedes’ “Eureka!” until our team has moved from the thinkshop to the workshop—that is to say, once we have drafted design ideas, interpreted urbanistic aspects, and found the right balance between spatial solution, contextual reaction, and individual expression. Every building tells a story, reflects its social environment, and serves as an expression of our culture. With that in mind, our team aims to tell good stories. We think of successful project development and sophisticated construction as personal challenges, and we strive for maximum reduction within complex situations. The thoughtful choice of materials and sustainable construction are as vital to us as the required cost sensitivity.

Our sphere of activity also includes “continuing construction” in the sense of an architectural synthesis—whether in terms of urban development within an existing structure of buildings, or whether a building with a clear design language requires a spatial expansion. We are interested in the dialogic process and in uncovering and interpreting existing stylistic elements and peculiarities, which are adopted or adapted to create a new whole full of character. In short, our collaborative dialogue with the client continues on the worksite.

Peter Moor founded his architecture firm in an old workshop at Schwingerstrasse 5 in the year 2006 and converted it into a limited liability company two years later. The interdisciplinary team’s approach has retained its workshop character to this day: ideas are outlined, drafted, and tested with handcrafted models in the model-making workshop. Thus, our work is three-dimensional at all levels. With over ten team members, the firm also offers comprehensive planning services, including construction supervision. Our smoothly operating team is used to networked thinking and focused work—even on a large scale.