Peter Moor Architekten ETH SIA

Replacement Building: "Ideal" in Aarau


The mixed-use building “Sphères” is a sociotope: a residential building that offers a fertile breeding ground for a pleasant life with the other people in the building. Residents live in compact private units facing a shared inner courtyard. This courtyard functions as a green lung that provides natural light for the apartments while also fostering eye contact and casual encounters. The extra-wide arcades offer additional patio seating space outside the apartments. A communal room with a large roof terrace facing west features views of the Kasinopark and the old town. On the first floor, a bookshop with an integrated café serves as an intriguing “third place” in the building, as it were: at the intersection between private and public space, it invites residents to spend some downtime, just like in a living room, while also stepping out of their own private sphere.

Client: Senda Immobilien AG, Zug
Address: Kasinostrasse 13, Aarau
Procurement method: Selective competition, 1st prize
Planning: 2022-2025
Execution: 2024-2026
Visualizations: Nightnurse Images