Peter Moor Architekten ETH SIA

Renovation: Restaurant Bachtel-Kulm, Hinwil

Remembering the 1920s

The history of the Restaurant Bachtel-Kulm can be traced back to 1850, when the first drinking establishment was builton the site. After it burned down to the ground in 1893 and was rebuilt, the Swiss Alpine Club Bachtel took over the property in 1921 and renovated it. That’s when the building received its distinctive silhouette with five pointed gables, which dominated the image of the restaurant until 1964. The Restaurant Bachtel-Kulm is part of a tradition of similar summit restaurants along the Alpine foothills. The renovation takes a historical approach by reviving the building’s former silhouette. The choice of materials is meant to do justice to the rural context, and by bringing the five-gablesilhouette back to life, the renovation recalls the restaurant’s past look. The ensemble of buildings with the bowling alley, kiosk, and observation tower will be refreshed and preserved for years to come.

Client:    Bachtel-Kulm Cooperative
Address:   Bachtelstrasse 1115, Wernetshausen
Procurement method:   Planner selection process, 1st place
Planning:   2020-2024
Execution:   2024-2025
Visualizations:   Nightnurse Images