Peter Moor Architekten ETH SIA

Waldegg School, Rotkreuz

Dash and Dot

A longitudinal building and a point building fit within the designated perimeter, their placement reinforcing the existing web. The longitudinal building for the elementary school is demarcated from the street and provides a precisely defined access to the central schoolyard. The point building for the secondary school rearranges the access situation on the northeast corner. The low-rise structure addresses and enhances the staggering of buildings on the sloping terrain. In this way, it coherently builds on the existing characteristics of the campus, which is accessible from the corner. The buildings are anchored in the slightly inclined slopes with a massive underground basement. From the first floor up, a wood element construction with wood-concrete composite ceilings creates a delicate supporting structure. Pillars and beams form the primary structure, filled in with coffered windows and parapets. The ceiling beams transfer the loads to the columns; together with the relatively thin concrete ceilings, the result is an ingenious combination in terms of fire safety, acoustics,and efficient supporting structure.

Client: Municipality of Risch
Address: Waldeggstrasse, Meierskappelerstrasse, Rotkreuz
Procurement method: Two-stage open competition, 1st prize
General planner: Peter Moor GmbH (overall coordination)
Planning: 2016-2019
Execution: 2018-2020
Project management David Meier
Photos: Roger Frei