Peter Moor Architekten ETH SIA

Schachenmatten Schoolhouse, Bonstetten

A Flexible Learning Environment

Within the predominantly longitudinal orientation of the school complex, the new point building functions as a calm anchor. In combination with the Elementary Schoolhouse III, it defines the schoolyard on the south side and serves as a clear spatial prelude to the complex. The walkway becomes a theme: it leads through the new building and allows visitors to experience the various courtyard spaces. Ensuing from the site layout in relation to the town, the classrooms occupy the well-lit east and west sides. The top floor serves as a learning environment that offers a lot of flexibility: the classrooms can be connected via group rooms, which are located between the classrooms and lit via the façade. As an anteroom bythe courtyard, an individual learning area is inserted into the heart of this classroom configuration. It serves both as a break room and a large group room for informal teaching. The construction consists of a load-bearing wood façade and an inner concrete structure. The limited selection of materials also finds expression in the façade: wood, concrete, glass.

Client: Bonstetten Elementary School
Address: Schachenstrasse 95, Bonstetten 
Procurement method: Open competition, 1st prize
Planning: 2012-2014
Execution: 2014-2015
Project management: Daniel Penzis
Photos: Hannes Henz