Peter Moor Architekten ETH SIA

Residential & Studio Building, Limmatfeld, Dietikon

Northern Lights: Urban Living with Workspaces

The Limmatfeld development is a forward-looking, mixed-use neighborhood with high-quality residential and workspaces, as well as leisure facilities. The master plan by Professor Hans Kollhoff envisions a perimeter block structure, with individual construction sites planned by different architectural firms.

The construction site is located at the edge of the development, directly neighboring a candy factory. The predefined north-south orientation with its long north side gives rise to the idea of the “studio building.” This theme manifests itself in the form of additional glazed workspaces facing the factory in the north. The building’s otherness also finds expression in the unconventional wood slab façade, which is ennobled by precise metal windows and sharp concrete edges. The studio spaces can be individually adapted as workshops, utility rooms, playrooms, or music rooms. They create added value with a very specific identity in the building, which has three units per floor. The variously oriented bedrooms also allow for multi-generational households, where the first floor can serve as a kindergarten. On the top floor, the studio spaces are additionally elevated towards the north, which creates a distinct silhouette.

Client: Halter AG Entwicklungen, Zurich
Preliminary project: Peter Moor Architekten ETH SIA, Zurich
Execution: Stücheli Architekten, Zurich
Address: Zypressenhof Limmatfeld, Dietikon
Procurement method: Design commission by invitation
Planning: 2010, execution 2011-2012
Photos: Roger Frei