Peter Moor Architekten ETH SIA

Replacement Buildings: Zentralstrasse 24, Uster

Building on the Aabach

The two new replacement buildings draw on the existing texture of the town structure. Located directly on Zentralstrasse, the first building references the previous building with its folded roof shape. The second building, on previously undeveloped land on Gerbestrasse, mediates between the strong roof direction of the former tannery and the curved course of the Aabach stream. In this respect, the two folded roofs cover several aspects at once: scale, town-planning considerations, and the reinterpretation of existing roof shapes. In the first building, a street-level commercial space revitalizes the street, adding another attractive accent. There are twelve relatively small apartments in total, two on each floor. Developed according to the design principles for “Buildings on the Aabach,” the buildings are situated directly on top of the canal wall. A concrete base encircles the two structures and ties them together like a “pair of siblings,”mediating between the canal wall and the dark wood façade. Construction in the core zone is subject to evaluation by the cityscape commission. Thus, the project had to meet high standards in terms of town planning as well as architectural design.

Client: Vorsorgestiftung Rudolf Steiner Schulen Schweiz
Address: Zentralstrasse 24, 8610 Uster
Procurement method: Direct selection
Planning: 2015-2018
Execution: 2017-2018
Project management: Muriel Kuonen
Photos: Roger Frei