Peter Moor Architekten ETH SIA

New Construction: Indoor Pool, Appenzell

A Balanced Building

With a shape reminiscent of a wind wheel, the new indoor pool fits into its surroundings like a piece of the puzzle. In terms of form and function, it acts as a joint between the buildings along the main road, with a massive base providing a solid foundation for the two-story wood building. The exterior, vertical support structure accentuates the rising elements, whereas a wide, overhanging flat roof crowns the building like a classical capital. This layout offers an ideal premise for distributing the building’s various uses. The central entrance creates a clear address, and the massive core in the middle regulates the adjacent uses. The pool attendant’s office in the center allows for easy coordination and control of the entire pool facility and the check-in area. Each wing is assigned one of the main uses, namely, the changing rooms, a small pool with a spa area on the upper floor, and the main pool with a view of the mountains. The stream on the south side is dammed and, with its gravelly bottom, serves as a Kneipp basin.

Client: Canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden
Address: Sitterstrasse 15, Appenzell
Procurement method: Selective competition, 1st prize
Planning: 2018-2020
Execution: 2020-2022
Project management: David Meier
Photos: Roger Frei, David Meier