Peter Moor Architekten ETH SIA

New Construction: Hotel Valbella Inn, Lenzerheide

From a Stack of Boards to a Wooden Building

The Hotel Valbella Inn received a new dependency with 27 rooms and a separate spa building. The new buildings blendinto the small-scale structure of the development, and their access situation is oriented towards the existing hotel complex. The new hotel area and the spa are separate structures slightly offset from each other, forming two independent addresses. A parking garage with 30 parking spaces connects the two buildings underground. The striking horizontal façade structure is derived from the image of a stack of boards. The delicate, precisely crafted envelope evokes lightness and conveys a contemporary alpine style. The hotel rooms are arranged in a multifaceted layout and can be connected into an enfilade; the centrally positioned access leaves the entire façade area to the rooms.

Client: Valbella Inn AG
Address: Voa Selva, 7077 Valbella (Lenzerheide)
Interior design: Christian Aebli & Partner, Fislisbach
Procurement method: Competition by invitation, 1st prize
Planning: 2009-2010
Execution: 2010
Project management: Daniel Penzis, Manuel Du
Photos: Roger Frei, Urs Homberger