Peter Moor Architekten ETH SIA

AZH Training Center, Buchs

An Exterior Supporting Structure

The character-defining element of the training center is its supporting structure; the fine pillar and beam structure basically produces the architecture, referencing a proud and sophisticated tradition of wood construction. Twin supports interconnect with the load-bearing ceiling beams and the widely overhanging roof. The repetition of this supportingstructure results in a profiled façade, whose projections and recesses create a striking play of shadows. Framed windows with vertical ventilation sashes fill in the verticalized façade, whereas the strong roof provides a clear horizontal finish. The relatively flat two-story building thus strikes a subtle balance between a vertical-looking façade and a horizontalpresence overall. A permanently sealed building envelope requires dimensionally stable, penetrating components. These components are exposed to various climatic conditions indoors and outdoors, which work to alter the wood profilethrough shrinkage and swelling. Transverse reinforcements of the wood beams at the juncture between inside and outside prevent this. The modern timber construction symbolically represents the contemporary carpentry training.

Client: Ermitin AG, Buchs
Address: Furtbachstrasse 26, Buchs
Procurement method: Selective competition, 1st prize
Wood construction engineering: Makiol + Wiederkehr, Beinwil a. See
Planning: 2014-2015
Execution: 2015-2017
Project management: Daniel Meurer
Photos: Roger Frei
Nomination: Prix Lignum